Stay steady and elastic open trails beckon and bend plastic.

Ready for a ride
Get in and feel the road
and see earth’s
sweep and slide.

Stay steady and elastic
open trails
beckon and bend

May we remain
soulful points of reference
past the thwack of firm raps
on the windowpane.

Be silent while
heaven scents hover over
and we go still motionless
many a more honest mile.


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4 replies on “#readyforaride”

I am so glad you think so… and we promise to be better at keeping up with the blog. Other distractions have held sway – like making and marketing the finest old school hashish in our milieu. Your encouragement is most appreciated. Very much so. Please continue to follow and give feedback. And happy 420 soon. Where are you located?

Super. I will get back on my game – more to follow. Appreciate your patronage and your reaching out. Very much Grime! Keep on keeping on.

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