Solventless sifting mechanically separated trichomes from the sugar leaf to be collected and reconstituted to achieve the desired level of potency during the blending stage.

Solventless is the form of extraction that Sitka favors over the volatile type that uses either CO2, Ethanol, or Butane.  Sitka does not approve nor allow volatile solvents or butane hash oil to be infused into its products. Each batch is tested for mold, pesticides, and cannabinoid levels. Sitka’s Classic Line is made with a tumbler and specialty equipment to turn kief, the part of the plant that has concentrated trichomes, into euro-style or Middle Eastern style hash.  Trichomes are the small spheres of cannabis resin that coat leaves, buds, and branches, giving a frosty white appearance to a part of the plant and are the source of cannabinoids. Trichomes tend to hold the highest concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Turning these building blocks of cannabis extracts into consumer products is a mix of art and science.

Solventless sifting mechanically separates trichomes from the sugar leaf to be collected and reconstituted to achieve the desired level of potency during the blending stage. The methodology for flavor curing by which the separated leaf is decarboxylated, converting some THCA molecules to Delta-9 THC, and breaking down the chlorophyll and sugars present in cannabis, is a closely held secret, producing a more mellow, enjoyable smoke.  After curing, the cannabis is blended for flavor, potency, and consistency.  Blending may be done in large rotating barrels, with the ability to impart flavors, or sweeteners, and to toast the cannabis as it rotates.  Blends are held in barrels to aid in humidity regulation, mixing, and marrying of flavors. Each new batch when folded into the previous batch gives a perceived consistency of product over time; it’s an evolving blend.  

One seeking hashish in North America today has limited choices: chemical or ice water extractions and an array of overheated pressed kief.  Sitka Products retain their terpenes, creating the uniquely characteristic cakey texture hashish aficionados crave.


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