Sitka Hash House's unique way of treating the plant derives from a traditional Moroccan style...

Sitka Hash House will soon be publishing how is hashish made video. In brief, hashish is obtained from a mashup of the crystal goodies aka trichomes and other wholesome organic material naturally separated from the mother plant. Sitka Hash House gently coaxes from the flowering giant of the weed kingdom her best hashish mix: a carefully curated and bountiful yield of cannabinoid-rich in psychotropic hashish effects, potent and warm with highly diverse and specialized flavors and aromas indigenous to where the majestic plant lives.

Sitka Hash House’s unique way of treating the plant derives from a traditional Moroccan style informed by the Lebanese heritage of one of its founders, resulting in the best hashish in the world. 


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“The country is in need of deep healing. We’re in a transformational moment in national history and earth territory, so whichever way we move is going to absolutely define us.”

U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo


Old school hashish pronunciation from the Godfather of free hippie verse.


A tree is the truth placed alone in the middle of this page meant to occupy a primeval position central witness to the ages  deepening

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