Hashish Brownies

Sitka Hash House does the work so you don't have to: our "vocation" facilitates your "vacation" to enhance and relax you, the real you. Sitka Hash House is all about ingenuity, authenticity, and good energy generation.

People find these questions to be most of the interest within the sphere of “what’s hashish?” The mission of Sitka Hash House is to inform the whole adult public ranging from the cannabis curious to the connoisseur. We are equal opportunity hashucators. Today, Sitka Hash House is offering you this overview in broad and colorful strokes on what it means to appreciate hashish and what hashish stands for.


Take a pilgrimage to nurture yourself, your curiosity, and your sense of adventure, and take Sitka Hash House with you.  To travel is to live new experiences and to discover new meanings, to deepen and broaden one’s life in multiple directions and colors, to amplify.  This is Sitka’s mission.  Sitka Hashish House aims to help your expanding thoughts, tendering feelings, roving consciousness. Opening your doors of perception, awakening your stream of consciousness and discourse, Sitka Hash House products help to induce eyes to widen, thoughts and connections and associations to find you, for you to find them to deepen your experience, to aerate your brain, to see your all-encompassing possibilities: to share, to embrace again that which you wanted, to wonder, to steal yourself for highs and lows, to be part of the greater whole. Witness the unfolding of time. Elevate the power of imagination.   


Sitka Hash House also asks that you take responsibility for your own choices; take your own way and do so with care flavored by a commitment to try.  Be safe. Be ever mindful.  In the course of living fully, embrace your own appetite for healthy experiences. Whether or not you choose to imbibe hashish (on a dome, pipe, pin, hot knife, pre-roll, hashish brownies, or otherwise), your Sitka hashish is to be measured and treasured.

To keep to your comfort zone, we recommend that you monitor your intake, be in the company of others who love you, level/adjust your ambition (in the moment) to refrain from heavy physical or risky behavior, pursuing instead a calmer vibe, maintain serenity, and welcome serendipity.


Sitka Hash House does the work so you don’t have to: our “vocation” facilitates your “vacation” to enhance and relax you, the real you. Sitka Hash House is all about ingenuity, authenticity, and good energy generation. For those reasons, the average tenure of our employee-partners is a full four years. People stay with us. We live into our associations. We cherish and honor our relationships.  We feel good about what we bring to the world. We donate a share of its profits to worthy causes that help indigenous peoples. See Sitka Life and Land.


Inhabit Sitka hashish and all Sitka products for a wondrous experience. We’re worth it. You’re definitely worth it. It’s been a tough couple of years for many of us. Sitka Hash House fosters wellness on all levels and imbues a sense of positivity.  Let’s set our sights on a better tomorrow and today Taste Hash Mastery.


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Sitka Life & Land

Hashish as medicine, integral to ritualistic practices that connect one to the Earth and tap into higher realms … the history of hashish intersects with a vast rainbow of humanity and indigenous populations to this day.

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